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Curry Place Then...

A brief history of Curry Place



Curry Place was in the Curry Family for 100 Years from December 26, 1884 - January 27, 1984.

In 1884, ROBERT  P.Curry, purchased the Holderness “Curry Place” Property, from Henry H. Piper. Robert Curry was born in Holderness August 3, 1848, the son of Jesse Patten and Joanna (Piper) Curry. For thirty years he had been Postmaster, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, and School Treasurer of the Town of Holderness, besides holding other important offices. Robert was first married to ANNIE  Sarah Rogers and together had 2 children, Jesse O. Curry and Florence E. Curry.  Robert and his family were known among hundreds of New England people who spend their summers in the camps and cottages around Holderness & on Squam Lake.


Curry Place Now….

New Owners: Curry Place Cottages, LLC

Hosted and Operated by the Haskell Family … who happily found a bit of history repeating itself, as ROBERT  Haskell is married to ANNIE (Eichhorn) Haskell, also blessed with 2 inspiring children!


Max Value Properties is our family owned real estate development business.  Our mission in real estate development is to invest in our local communities by reviving one home at a time. In 2017 we sought to expand that vision, ​when contemplating the purchase of Curry Place.  

IMG_3854 (1).jpg

We invited our close friend and builder, David Groom,  to visit the property and offer up his expertise and share some ideas.  We discussed how we might reposition and restore the property to accommodate guests along the beautiful Squam Channel side of the property.   We also agreed that we needed to respect the historical significance and colonial architecture long situated on the site since the early 1800’s.   David, who holds his degree in American History and is also a lover of old homes, agreed to partner with us to purchase, redesign and carefully renovate the 3 acre property.   


Along with our talented and creative General Contractor, James Ogden, who also holds a passion for History, we have collaborated on this “Labor of Love” and created four beautiful, cozy homes that our guests will love and we hope will endure for generations to come.


We are deeply indebted to our committed partners, the quality of their work and their inspiring vision. 


David Groom

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James Ogden

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